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The Island Stage SXSW showcase presented magical experience

The Daily Texan

March 20, 2021

“The Island Stage” is a platform dedicated to bringing music of the Caribbean to the forefront of the international music scene.

Pioneered by rising artist Kalpee who hails from Trinidad and Tobago, and his manager Miss Vivianna of FVP Global, the aim was to create a platform for Caribbean artists to come together and showcase their musical heritage.

The first show was captured in Jamaica and a 55 minute highlight exclusively streamed at SXSW as part of this years online festival on March 19th, 2021.  The event, which has a digital footprint too large to capture, boasted an A list Caribbean lineup including, Mortimer, Tessellated, Sevana, Khalia, and Kalpee who performed and hosted the show along side Jamaican personality Kadiya Macdonald.  

Listed as a recommended show to watch, the stage received great media reviews with SXSW having already accepted the significance of such a big step by announcing that this will now be an annual stage. 

SXSW is very excited to stream the first annual “Island Stage” during the first ever SXSW Online festival. We recognise the importance of giving Caribbean music and artists an international platform to showcase their musical heritage. We look forward to many more Island Stages to come in the future in Austin, Tx.

Brian Hobbs

Programming Manager, SXSW Music Festival

I am so very appreciative of all the experiences I have been blessed with, in being able to travel internationally as part of my musical career. Through my travels I came to understand that what is lacking in the West Indies is structure and resources into the creative arts, for us to compete with the rest of the world. This is how ‘The Island Stage’ came to be, as I realised that by coming together to represent Caribbean music with my peers we can showcase our heritage, musical genres and individuality.

SXSW has given Caribbean Music an international platform to showcase on and we are beyond grateful for their support and continued support in committing to The Island Stage 2022. I hope that collectively myself, alongside Mortimer, Tessellated, Khalia and Sevana brought sunshine into peoples homes and we are excited to continue growing and bridging the gap between the Caribbean diaspora and the international music scene.


Supported by Music TT (Trinidad & Tobago) The Island Stage is working together with local government authorities across the West Indies and utilising such platforms like SXSW to help bridge the gap between the international music scene and the Caribbean Diaspora.

The line has been drawn – and the line has been crossed. MusicTT is super excited to have partnered with Kalpee and Therapy to help deliver The Island Stage – the very first stage dedicated solely to Caribbean Music and Artists, which will be exclusively streamed by SXSW as part of their 2021 online festival this March. This opens a door of infinite possibilities for the Caribbean and we are honoured to support.

Melissa Jimenez

General Manager, Trinidad & Tobago Music Company Ltd (MusicTT)

As a manager of an artist from the Caribbean, I have learnt that it is extremely important to recognise the unique musical styles which are subtly different from island to island.  By presenting “The Island Stage” at this years SXSW, the intent is to not only to highlight this incredible new wave of Caribbean artists who despite the odds continue to push Caribbean music forward, but also to look to create more revenue and promotional opportunities for this talented community of musicians to exist.

Miss Vivianna

Therapy Founder

Having helped launch Girls I Rate back in 2016, Miss Vivianna has consistently shown her commitment and support to propagating change.

In support of gender equality, Therapy, The Island Stage and its crew have signed a 50:50 pledge with Girls I Rate to include at least 50% women and under-represented genders in their programming and staffing where possible.  Founder of Girls I Rate, Carla Marie Willams says “Being of Jamaican heritage, it’s important for me to push for increased visibility and equality for women across the Caribbean islands – bridging the gap between the UK and Caribbean diaspora, while increasing cultural experiences and opportunities within music for black women globally”.

As Therapy navigate through an unprecedented time due to the pandemic, virtual and on ground events including more ‘Island Stages’ at various festivals that adhere to local restriction rules will be announced soon.

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Natal is proud to celebrate the talents of the Caribbean and continue to support artists from all corners of the world and all walks of life.  It is crucial we recognise culture and educate on an international stage how we can learn from one another.  Long may the work of Therapy and FVP Global continue to shine a light on Caribbean talent.

Alex Coombes

Commercial Director

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